Fitting Umami In A Tube

I’m a flavourist. From the age of six, I thought of everything in terms of flavour. When I first met people 
I would assign them a flavour: they might be a KitKat or a tuna sandwich or, if I didn’t like them, Angel Delight. I used to walk around with a notebook called Laura’s Flavours and Feelings. Everyone was in there, logged with their flavour. As a child, it was a full-time job. Today I still see the world and its people in a similar light. And for me 
the concept of umami (what I call deliciousness, the fifth basic taste after salty, sweet, sour and bitter) is the ultimate expression of flavour. But
 while many have talked of it, few have successfully defined it. So that was my ambition, to capture it and put it in a tube.

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