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March 2016 | DONT' LOOK BACK
Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by flavours and the feelings they evoke. I can recall literally 'tasting' my life long before I could even voice those tastes. Over the years, flavours and feelings have become rather more than just a fascination for me, I'm now lucky enough to pursue a career in which the two meet, somtimes in conflict, but never apart!


Don't Look Back

March 16, 2016 | London

If I was having a Bob Dylan moment, my 'Don’t Look Back' clip of the last few years reads something like this:

Started. Happy. Rewarded. Awarded. Liberated. Dicey. Angels. Investor. Earthquake. No Factory. No Stock. No Insurance. No worries. New factory. New Launch. Nobu. Excitement. Vegetarian. Umami. Tsunami. ...... READ MORE