Day 14 | Asian Lamb Lollipops

Laura Santtini's 30 Days of Flavour Recipe Collection

This is a great dish for a large gathering, but you can easily adapt the recipe for fewer servings.

I like to serve these succulent lamb chops with some herbed couscous and some greek yogurt with a squeeze of lime.

LEVEL      Easy
SERVES   4-6



1/2    cup light brown sugar
1/2    cup honey
12     cloves garlic, crushed
large handful fresh cilantro, finely chopped
1/2    cup soy sauce
1       tablespoon peeled ginger, finely chopped
1/2    teaspoon red chili flakes
1/2    teaspoon Chinese five spice powder
3       teaspoons Taste #5 Umami Paste Vegetarian Far Eastern Recipe
8-12 lamb chops


  1. Combine all the ingredients except the lamb in large shallow baking dish, stirring until the sugar is dissolved
  2. Place the lamb chops in the dish and coat with the marinade
  3. Cover, place in refrigerator and allow to marinate for up to 4 hours or more
  4. Cook the on a hot grill or in the over under a high broiler for 3-4 minutes each side, until sizzling and still pink in the center.
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