Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Santtini

Join Laura in her home kitchen as she cooks up some basic but delicious recipes using the Taste #5 Umami Collection. Made with quality and premier ingredients, Taste #5 products enables you to cook quick and easy meals in minutes, delivering deep slow food flavors fast! It just tastes like you’ve been cooking all day!


Basic Stock Method

Kitchen Sorcery Made Simple

One the most important secrets to kitchen sorcery is a flavorful stock. And in the winter, a home cook is only as good as their latest soup stock. Easy to make and stock freezes well in just the right portions. Once you master the simplicity of making your own stocks, you find yourself frequently depleting your stores and back brewing up more of delicious elixir.

The simple recipe in the video utilizes all the ingredients on hand when roasting a turkey or whole chicken.